Middle School 6-8

DLS Middle School Model

The DLS middle school is modeled to continue our goal of bilingualism and bi-literacy through the eighth grade.  In the middle school years, DLS is a 50/50 immersion model.  Fifty percent of instruction is taught in the target language and the other percent is taught in English.

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Key Principles of the DLS Middle School

  • Transfer students must meet target language grade level requirements to enter DLS in the middle school.

  • Emphasis on inquiry/project-based learning.

  • Team teaching approach with content-certified teachers for each subject area.

  • Purposeful focus on vocabulary and social use of the target language.

  • Students are taught three content areas in their target language.

In the DLS middle school program, students study English language arts, target language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, the arts (visual arts, music, theatre), technology, and physical education.  One of our goals is to equip students with the communication, linguistic, and analytical skills that can be adapted to interdisciplinary units with other core subjects: mathematics, social studies, and science.  We believe in academic rigor in our target languages (Mandarin and Spanish) to prepare students for success in an increasingly global community.  Technology is also integrated in both the target language and English learning content.

Language Use During a Typical Academic Day

DLS is a 50/50 language immersion model during Middle School.  This means that 50% of the instructional day is taught in the target language (Mandarin or Spanish), and 50% of the instructional day is taught in English. 

Target Language Instruction (Mandarin or Spanish):

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies

English Language Instruction:

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • Electives

    • School Year 2018-19 electives include:

      • robotics I & II, 3D printing

      • physical education, yoga, team sports

      • tech explorations, computer science

      • multi-media art, drawing and painting, film

      • speech & debate, yearbook, academic success

      • musical theatre, guitar, Shakespeare

For questions about Middle School at DLS, please contact:

Principal - Robert Newman - robert@denverlanguageschool.org

Dean of Students - Matthew Martinez - matthew@denverlanguageschool.org

Curriculum & Instruction - Eva Doblas - eva@denverlanguageschool.org