Board Committees


School Accountability Committee (SAC)

Composition of the Committee:

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) shall consist of at least the following seven members:

  • The principal of the school or the principal’s designee;
  • At least one teacher who provides instruction in the school;
  • At least three parents of students enrolled in the school;
  • At least one adult member of an organization of parents, teachers, and students recognized by the school; and
  • At least one person from the community.

If a vacancy arises on a SAC because of a member’s resignation or for any other reason, the remaining members of the SAC will fill the vacancy by majority action.

The members of the governing board of a charter school may serve as members of the SAC.


  • Reports into the board quarterly:
    Summarizes data reports
    Survey progress and data reports
    Written recommendations
  • The board may delegate authorizer reporting
  • Year end reports to the community
  • SAC meeting minutes

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Evaluate

  1. School Program effectiveness
  2. Student Achievement:
    1. Standardized test,
    2. Portfolios,
    3. Prep for future learning,
    4. Plan for underachieving students
    5. Plan for advanced students
  3. Parent Satisfaction: annual survey results shall measure
    1. Academic progress
    2. School safety
    3. School climate
    4. Parent satisfaction

Surveys must be approved by the governing board

Survey results combined with academic achievement data inform board decision and strategy planning.

2. Monitor

  1. Monitor strategic planning goals
    1. Monitor data, measures, targets
    2. Monitors goals, timeline
  2. Monitor accreditation goals
    1. Evaluates progress on accreditation goals

3. Report

  1. Summary data
  2. School survey results
  3. Goal progress reports

4. Recommend

  1. Goals and targets for improvement
  2. Needs assessment
  3. Resource allocation

Finance Committee

Chair:  Rebecca Rogers, Treasurer


The members of the finance committee shall be the treasurer of the board who shall serve as chair together with other members (if determined necessary by the board) appointed by the chair with the advice and consent of the board in accordance with the by-laws.


  • Monthly reporting to the board of directors

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist and advise in preparing an annual budget for the charter school in collaboration with the charter school principal and business manager.
  2. Monitor implementation of the approved budget on a regular basis and recommend proposed budget revisions.
  3. Also in collaboration with the charter school principal and business manager, develop and annually revise a three-year financial forecast and develop long-range financial plans based on the forecast.
  4. Review all grant proposals and when necessary, recommend action by the board.
  5. Recommend to the board appropriate policies for the management of the charter school's assets.
  6. Annually submit objectives as part of the planning and budgeting process.
  7. Arrange for an annual audit with submission of same to the board.

Facilities Committee

Co-Chairs:  Kenneth Ho, Parker Schenken


The members of the facilities committee shall consist of at least 2 board members, principal or principal designee with other members (if determined necessary by the board)  appointed by the chair with the advice and consent of the board in accordance with the by-laws.


  • Gives quarterly updates to the board

Roles & Responsibilities

The Facility Committee supports the administration’s and school board’s efforts in the long-range projections of school enrollment and addresses all facility related issues for the school.

The committee is tasked to:

  1. Develop long-term enrollment projections
  2. Research, plan, and coordinate any facility related projects
  3. Develop facility plans for growth (identify multiple options and prioritizes preferences)

Investigate both short term (next year) and long term solutions for our facility needs.

Governance Committee

Co-Chairs: Josh Lin, Lisa Peloso

More information about the Governance Committee is coming soon.

School Equity Committee

Chair: Corelle Spettigue

More information about the School Equity Committee is coming soon.

Marketing Committee

Chair: Matt Wagner

More information about the Marketing Committee is coming soon.