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Whiteman Campus (Grades K-3)  | Gilpin Campus (Grades 4-8)          
451 Newport St, Denver CO 80220  |  2949 California St, Denver CO 80205      
Main Office (303) 557-0852  |  (303) 777-0544 Main Office
Fax (303) 399-0207  |  (303) 777-0566 Fax

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Kathy Benzel, Executive Director:

Camilla Modesitt, Director of Development:

Doug Seligman, Whiteman Principal:

Robert Newman, Gilpin Principal:

Katie Evereth, Director of Communications:

Miriam Berg, Whiteman Ops Lead:

Caleb Reed, Gilpin Ops Lead:

Kelleigh Klass, Whiteman Registrar:

Lyndsay Taylor, Gilpin Registrar:

Zanri van der Merwe, Administrative Assistant: