There are many ways to give your time and expertise to Denver Language School. Learn more on our Parent Teacher Association page >

One thing to remember when volunteering at DLS is that DLS has a policy of “No English in the Target Language Classroom.”

Parents of younger children in particular often want to volunteer in the classroom, and DLS encourages parents to volunteer their time. However, unless parents speak the immersion language or are willing to learn some basic vocabulary and key phrases to use in the classroom (e.g. Where are the scissors?) they should be given other opportunities to observe progress in their child's room or to volunteer in ways that do not compromise our language use policy. Parents who speak even a little bit of the immersion language can be used as assistants in guided reading programs listening to students read in the immersion language or in English.

Parents who don’t speak the immersion language can work on teacher requested projects, bulletin board materials, collating, etc. on tables just outside the classroom where they may have visual contact but are not present in the room. Other parent volunteer jobs requiring little or no knowledge of the immersion language include:

  • Organize regular after school tutoring sessions using the school’s native speaking classroom assistants, if these assistants are available.
  • Chaperone during field trips.
  • Supervise lunch room or playground time.