Transportation & Logistics

2018-19 Transportation & Logistics

Information on traffic flow maps, bus routes, PikMyKid, late pick-up policy, carpool map and lightrail/RTD.

Traffic Flow Maps

DLS at Whiteman: Click here to download.

whiteman traffic.PNG

DLS at Gilpin: Click here to download.


2019-20 Bus Transportation

Final bus schedules and timetables to be posted in August 2019.

Bus Registration Information (click here)

Tentative Bus Timetables (click here)

DLS Bus Behavior Policy (click here)

DLS Bus Fee Policy (click here)

MySchoolBucks Instructions (click here)

PikMyKid User Guide (click here)

2019-20 DLS School Calendar (click here)

If you are not registered for the bus, but would like to sign up, contact


For safety and convenience, DLS uses Pikmykid for dismissal.

Pikmykid is a dismissal app that allows parents to directly update their child’s dismissal schedule each day (as late as 1 hour before the end of school), get updates when their child is dismissed to an authorized person or activity, and delegate their child to another person for pick-up.

For more information download the Parent Handout here

PikMyKid Policy

  • Parents must communicate dismissal changes through the PikMyKid app.

    • If you do not have access to a smart phone or the internet, please make arrangements with DLS directly at 303-557-0852.

  • Parents must make sure PikMyKid is accurate every day.

    • We highly recommend checking and updating your child’s dismissal modes at the beginning of each week to ensure all information is up to date and to prevent any stressful last-minute changes.

  • Parents must communicate dismissal plans with my child(ren).

    • DLS staff cannot double check and communicate each student’s dismissal plan with them each day. In order to make dismissal run more smoothly, please make sure your children know what they are supposed to do after school.

  • PikMyKid is the final say about a child’s daily dismissal plan.

    • If a child says they are supposed to do something different than their dismissal plan in Pikmykid shows for that day, we will attempt to contact parents. However, if parents can not be reached within a few minutes, the student will be dismissed as Pikmykid instructs. We cannot hold buses for students who contradict their dismissal plans. As a result, it is vitally important that you ensure your child’s dismissal plan is accurate.

  • Questions about PikMyKid should be directed to

  • Any same-day changes should be communicated directly via phone to my child’s campus (K-3 Whiteman, 4-8 Gilpin).

For more information download PMK Policy here.

Download the parent user guide here.

Late Pick-Up Policy

Late pick-up is when a parent picks up a child more than 15 minutes after the end of school. Please see the chart below to understand pick-up times at each campus each day.


If your child is not scheduled for an after-school activity, and you are not at the pick-up location by the time Late Pick-Up begins, your student will be taken to

Dolphin Splash* (Whiteman) or Dolphin Hall* (Gilpin) until you arrive. You will be charged the drop-in fee of $8 per child per day for these services. Families that qualify for Financial Aid will be charged $2 per child per day for these services.

We understand that life happens, so each family will be allowed 1 late pick up per school year without being charged. Also, in order to allow time to adjust to new campuses and schedules, this policy will not take effect until September 4, 2018.

If you know that you are going to regularly be late to pick up your child, we suggest signing up for Dolphin Splash (Whiteman) or Dolphin Hall (Gilpin) directly through the Fun Club website. This helps us plan for how many staff to have each day, and it will be cheaper in the long run if you are regularly late. The cost for Dolphin Splash and Dolphin Hall is $100 per child per month. Financial Assistance is available for those families who qualify.

Late Pickup Policy here

Carpooling 2019-2020

DLS is prepping next year's transportation plans. We know not everyone will take the bus, and we'd like to provide an alternative option. Click here for a link to participate in DLS Carpooling for the 2019-2020 school. Once you fill out the form, you will be added to a map which shows where other families live, and what carpool needs they might have.  

So whether you need help with a ride to or from school (or after Middle School Sports, Fun Club, etc.), want to help out other families, desire to create community bonds, or just want to help the environment - please join in.

Please note - All survey responses will be verified by DLS staff to confirm that they are DLS families.  The map is only accessible through the link sent to DLS families from staff.  If at any time you wish to remove your information from the DLS Carpool Map, whether due to a full carload or because you no longer wish to participate, please email

Light Rail & RTD

The 30th & Downing Light Rail Station is a very short walk from the Gilpin campus (0.2 miles, estimated walk time 2 minutes). 

Click here to view the current light rail schedule
Click here to view the current RTD schedule