Transportation 2018-19

2018-19 Transportation & Logistics

We are continuing to work with DPS to iron out final details of our transportation plan for 2018-19, so please be aware that this plan is subject to minor changes.

Multiple factors played into determining these scheduling details. The Transportation Team had to try to accommodate students from all areas of Denver, have a longer day for middle school students than for elementary students, fit into DPS Transportation’s busing requirements, meet state required in-class hours, take into consideration before/after school options, and maintain teacher work hours.  If you would like more information about this process, contact

School Year 2018-19 Bell Times

Bell Times Chart.PNG

In school year 2018-19:
Grades K-3 will attend DLS at Whiteman
Grades 4-8 will attend DLS at Gilpin

In school year 2019-20:
Grades K-4 will attend DLS at Whiteman
Grades 5-8 will attend DLS at Gilpin

Click here to view the 2018-19 Academic Calendar

2018-19 Bus Transportation

DLS plans to provide comprehensive bus transportation to and from both the Whiteman and the Gilpin campuses. The other bus stop locations will be at the Boys and Girls Club in North Park Hill, at Fred Thomas Park in Stapleton, and at the City of Brest Park in the Cherry Creek area. Please note that if we are unable to get enough registrants for a bus line, it will be cancelled.

Bus registration will begin in April. More information about bus registration will be sent out in the next few weeks. Updated Route Maps will be available shortly after Spring Break.

AM Routes v14.JPG
PM Routes v 14.JPG

Due to significant increases in DPS busing costs and the buildout of the Whiteman campus (which requires transporting our 4th grade to Gilpin for the 2018-2019 school year), we anticipate that per-student busing costs will increase because our overall transportation costs are more than doubling. Our current projection is that annual bus costs will increase to $130 per student per AM route and $130 per student per PM route. Financial Assistance will continue to be available for those families that need it.

Click here to view the answers to questions we have been receiving about buses next year.

Carpool Map 2018-2019

Do you live in a part of town that’s a bit further from campus? Are you willing and able to drive another student to school? The DLS Carpool Map may be a great option for you! Carpooling can save you time and money, it helps the environment, it decreases the car line at school, and it builds relationships with other DLS parents and students.

How to get access to the DLS Carpool Map for next school year:

  1. Fill out the survey
  2. Wait for a response email with the DLS Carpool Map link
  3. Connect with your fellow families!

If you would like to participate in the DLS carpool program, either as a driver or someone looking for a ride, please click here to fill out the survey for our map.

Please note - All survey responses will be verified by DLS staff to confirm that they are DLS families. The map is only accessible through the link sent to DLS families from staff. If at any time you wish to remove your information from the DLS Carpool Map, whether due to a full carload or because you no longer wish to participate, please email

Light Rail & RTD

The 30th & Downing Light Rail Station is a very short walk from the Gilpin campus (.2 miles, estimated walk time 2 minutes). 

Click here to view the current light rail schedule
Click here to view the current RTD schedule

After School Activities

after school image.PNG

Fun Clubs

  • Traditional DLS-run Fun Clubs will only be available at Whiteman.
  • Times are not final. There is a possibility that run time will increase to allow buses to arrive from Gilpin close to the time Fun Clubs end. If this happens, costs will go up.
  • We will release information about after school activities and clubs at Gilpin when it is available. We are currently talking with several groups about this.

Discovery Link at Whiteman

  • Discovery Link will continue to be held at the Whiteman building for students under age 12.
  • Gilpin students in need of Discovery Link services will need to be bused to the Whiteman building after school.

Middle School Sports

  • There will continue to be a Middle School Sports program; practices will be held at the Gilpin campus.

We are looking into additional after school options that would work well for 4th - 8th graders and will communicate options with the community as soon as they are known.

Off-Campus After School Options for Gilpin Students

Gilpin is walking distance to a variety of educational opportunities and after school programs. The following list is just a sampling of what’s nearby and includes approximate distances and walking travel times from Gilpin:

Gilpin Neighborhood.png

30th & Downing light rail: 900 ft (1 block), 4 minutes
Glenarm Rec Center: 2800 Glenarm Pl: .3 mi (5 blocks), 7 minutes
Blair Caldwell Library: 2401 Welton St: .6 mi (7 blocks), 14 minutes
Manual High School: 1700 E 28th Ave: .7 mi (13 blocks), 16 minutes
Ford-Warren Library: 2825 N. High St: .7 mi (9 blocks), 14 minutes



The Blair Caldwell Library has a youth section with computers and study tables and the library staff would welcome providing this after school opportunity to students. Level two houses a collection archive and research library and level three contains the Western Legacies Museum. The library is open until 8:00 M,W and 6:00 T, Th, F. More information:

The Ford-Warren Library is located at 2825 N. High St, 9 blocks (.7 mile) from Gilpin. It’s open until 6:00pm  M,W,F and 8:00pm T, Th. More information:

The Glenarm Recreation Center offers a variety of programs through My Denver Card as well as youth sports. The My Denver Card program offers 2 activities daily, starting at 3:00 and ending at 5:30. A sampling of activities offered include: tai chi, sound wave experiments, homemade maracas, dancing, obstacle course, and many more. Glenarm also offers free snacks for kids from 5:00-8:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Their youth sports typically begin in the evenings. Sample schedule:

The YMCA Community Programs Branch offers fitness and wellness programs to the community. Their services are free and open to all. For more info, go to

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio, 119 Park Ave W is .9 mi (19 min walk) from Gilpin and has classes starting around 4:30. More information:

The Vickers Boys & Girls Club (bus riders- all grades- may arrive from Whiteman or Gilpin campuses) is located just 1-2 blocks from bus stops on the RTD bus routes 34 and 43, both of which service the 30th & Downing station; #43 also has stops directly adjacent to Gilpin. The Boys & Girls Club is open from 3:00-9:00 PM. It is also a direct after school destination for DLS students riding the school bus. The Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of programs, including homework help, tech lab, art room, and team sports. Please check directly with the Boys and Girls club as enrollment is limited.

 Directly adjacent to the Vickers Boys & Girls Club is the Pauline Robinson Library and Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center, both of which have programming for kids.