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Yi Xu & Juanjuan Zhang

Dear Parents & Students:

My name is Yi Xu.  This is my second year at DLS, teaching 3rd grade.  I love working here, teaching all subjects and enjoying the culture diversity. 

I’m from Beijing, China.  I graduated from Beijing Union University, with a major in Chinese Education.  I’ve been teaching for 12 years.

When I’m not in school, I like playing the Pi Pa, which is a traditional Chinese musical instrument, practicing Chinese calligraphy, reading, hiking, and travelling.

My TA is Juanjuan Zhang, this is her 4th year at Denver Language School.

In July 1987, she graduated from Teacher’s College of Fushun in China.   From 1987 to 2005, she worked in China as an elementary school educator. 

Every Sunday from 2007 to 2014, she worked at the Denver Chinese School as a second grade Chinese teacher. She loves children and teaching is her favorite career.  

Welcome to Chinese 3rd grade  Xu & Zhang’s Class at Denver Language School!  We are very excited to have you with us this school year.  3rd grade is an amazing grade filled with knowledge, fun, and hard work in two different languages, both Chinese and English, since this is the first year each student will be taking English as a class. This is a big step in your child’s education and also the first year they will be taking the Colorado State Assessment in reading, writing, and math. We will be collaborating with you for the success of your student!


Yi Xu & Juanjuan Zhang