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Victoria Nunez

There are many exciting new changes this school year at DLS and the introduction of the new Media Center and Technology Lab is one of the most exciting!  I am proud to be part of this new program.

Many of you know me as a part of the Main Office staff, but when I was originally hired to be part of the DLS staff it was my hope to one day be part of the team that would develop a Media Center Program for this amazing school. I brought with me a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and an enthusiasm for being an advocate for Information Literacy.  My time in the office has allowed me to get to know the students, families and faculty that are the core of this school community.  In developing this new program, I aim to be a resource for the school community and am eager to start working with each group to bring more innovation and knowledge of Information Literacy to this campus.

As part of the curriculum for this year, I will be working with students in Kindergarten through 4th grade as part of their Specials rotation. The goal of this year is to help both students and teachers understand how technology can supplement the lessons taught in the classroom.  In order to accomplish this goal, I will focus on developing students’ fundamental computer skills (i.e. keyboarding, how to use a computer mouse/mousepad, etc) while also working with classroom teachers to coordinate a project based curriculum that will allow students to further comprehend Science, Social Studies and reading comprehension lessons that are already being taught in the classroom.

There will be no assessments for this class during this induction year.  Instead of assessments, this class will be about how to use technology as a tool students can use to help their comprehension and presentation of concepts that are part of their grade level curriculum.

Technology classes will be on a weekly basis for kindergarten through grade 4, rotating every fourth week.  Feel free to send feedback, concerns, questions and comments at