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Sebastian Kadamany

My name is Sebastian Kadamay, I am from Colombia, and this is my third year at DLS. This year I am the fourth grade Math and Science teacher. I strive to be engaging and fun. I try to connect with students and create a personal relationship that allows students to feel welcome, comfortable, and supported. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Colorado Denver. I am currently working on getting my Master’s in the same field. I also have a minor in mathematics which allows me to teach math effectively as well as have a clear idea of what things are needed so that students have a foundation that allows them to be successful at higher level of math. As an undergrad I took many Chemistry, Physics, and Biology courses. I started out as a Chemistry major. I like to use that background to inspire my science lessons and bring real life example and activities to my classroom. Science is better when you can see it in action!

In my free time I like to play volleyball and soccer. I love watching football and you may find me from time to time playing video games. My favorite food is Italian.(Hopefully with some seafood in it.) I also enjoy cooking for myself. If I didn't have to work I would spend my life traveling the world and scuba diving.  Im am very happy to be here at DLS and I am looking forward to having a great school year.