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Na Meng & Xue Zhang

Welcome to 5th Grade Mandarin Ms. Na Meng and Ms. Xue Zhang’s class! My name is Na Meng, and please feel free to call me Meng Laoshi or Maggie. I’m the homeroom teacher as well as the math teacher while Xue Zhang is the TA— A Collaborating Duo!!

I majored in Elementary Education when I was in university. After my graduation, I became a teacher as I dreamed to be. For the past 10 years, I have been teaching with a variety of students between 6 and 12. I have a strong passion and energy to educate young minds, and inspiring and motivating students are my greatest strengths. In addition, in March 2013, I attended a training program held by ICLTA (International Chinese Language Teachers Association), which is designed to train qualified Mandarin teachers, and got my certificate the same year.

Our TA, Xue Zhang, graduated from Beijing University of technology in China, then got another Bachelor’s Degree from University of Colorado at Denver. She’s already worked at DLS for two years as a teaching assistant and she had a very good relationship with her students.

We are so excited to be your children’s new teachers this school year. As you know, I worked as their TA last school year which made me know them very well. I’m sure this will help them a lot with their adjustment and learning. I’m looking forward to a very happy and productive school year. Here is my email address: If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime via email or at 303-557-0852 ext.120.


Na Meng and Xue Zhang