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Maria C. Iglesias

Hello, my name is Maria. I have a degree in Applied Science from The Technical College of Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. This is the equivalent to a Business Administration Specialist. I also hold a Diploma in International Secretary, Financial, and Technological Studies from Spain as well. My work experience has been in administration in a private office, bank, and insurance company in Spain.

During the last four years I have enjoyed a wonderful experience in DLS. I worked as a substitute assistant teacher, assistant administrator, and I also assisted the school personnel in some other critical areas. The last two years I worked as a Spanish teacher assistant in first grade.

In order to be relevant, I believe education needs to include elements like social skills, pluralism, equality and futurism. I think that each child has the ability to become the best she/he can. Students’ minds are like sponges designed to soak up all the knowledge that teachers have to impart most of the time as unquestionable authorities not only as teachers but as the best models and mentors as well.

I am from the Northern part of Spain and I have been living for fourteen years between The United States and my country. I am happily married to a teacher and I have three children and a golden retriever. I love traveling, reading, and watching good movies.