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Lexy McDowell

My name is Lexy McDowell and I am the English Language Learner (ELL) teacher.  This is my third year at DLS, and I am looking forward to working with your student.  I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and took an interest in language learning in junior high.  I continued studying Spanish at Gettysurg College.  I then worked towards my TEFOL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification and traveled to Patagonia, Chile where I taught English at the middle and high school levels.  Upon returning, I moved to Colorado and completed my Teacher Certification at the University of Denver.

This year, DLS has invested in the ELL literacy program On Our Way to English.  It works in conjunction with, and is an extension of, the new curriculum covered in the English classes starting in third grade.  On Our Way to English offers many online resources and practice for students to build strong skills in all 4 domains of language.  In addition to this curriculum, I will continue to use the textbooks and resources from last year to help reinforce any concepts as necessary.

In addition, DLS has worked with and submitted a new ELL plan to Denver Public Schools.  Last year, I began training all staff members in supporting ELL students in the classroom across all curriculums.  This year, staff will continue with the year 2 training, making sure that your student’s language learning needs are met beyond their instructional time with me.