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Esther Movilla

I would like to take this opportunity to generally introduce myself to you.

I am from Spain and I am starting my 6th year in Denver and my 5th year here at DLS.

I have been working with kids and adults for 13 years in a variety of educational areas (formal and non formal education). After completing my Teacher Degree at the University of Cantabria and got my Degree as Social Integration I have been working in different contexts and places but all connected by the same goal that it is also my passion EDUCATION. In this path I have been working as Spanish teacher in high school, camp director, ECE and elementary teacher, instructor of blind children, working in community service (developing and supervising many different projects - from helping train camp counselors to train the unemployed people to get their ECE degrees), tutor and teacher of those with special needs and then began as an English teacher in public elementary schools around Cantabria. All of these varying projects helped me to understand new communities and age groups.

After all of those personal experiences, one day I came to Denver to work as a teacher.

I am very excited to grow as a person and as a professional and to be able to share my experience with all of you in my new role at DLS as Gifted and Talented coordinator and Spanish Intervention teacher.

Teaching vision

We will work as a team in order to create a community of learners– a place where all students are motivated to reach their highest learning potential.

 It is recognized and acknowledged that we are each different in our own individual way – we each learn at different paces, on different levels, and share different strengths and weaknesses. My classroom will be a place where all students feel the freedom to learn.

We will work together to create a safe environment – an environment in which all students feel welcomed and accepted, a quiet place where we can work without any distractions, a comfortable place where all students have the right to speak and share their thoughts and/or feelings without fear of ridicule, as well as a place where we respect and feel respected. My classroom will be a place that students feel free to be who they are!