Safety Procedures

Information Regarding Required Safety Procedures

Safety of students and staff is our top priority at the Denver Language School. At the start of each school year, every DPS school building is required to run evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockdown and lockout drills. These drills are conducted and monitored by DPS for every school, once each semester. During these drills, DPS Safety and Security staff are on site to ensure that all safety measures are executed in a correct and timely manner. They also provide feedback and any additional training or coaching for staff based on the drills.

**Drills conducted by DPS Safety and Security are never announced in advance to staff or students. Drills run by DLS staff are not announced to teachers and students in advance.  This allows our Administration team at each campus to provide practice during a variety of activities in the school day (like lunch or recess times) and also run drills during after-school activities (Fun Club, Discovery Link, Sports, etc). Best practice for drills includes providing a variety of opportunities to practice for all students and staff, and not just conducting drills when “convenient”.

DLS will conduct an evacuation drill each month that school is in session. This is a Denver Fire Code requirement as well as a requirement by Denver Public Schools. An evacuation is when students are sent outside of the school building to prevent harm or injury due to a hazardous situation inside of the school, such as a fire.

DLS will conduct shelter-in-place drills at least twice per year.  The goal of the shelter-in-place drill is to place a barrier (the school building) between students and a hazard in the environment.  These drills were formerly known as tornado or severe weather drills.

The school will conduct one lockdown drill each semester of the school year. This type of drill will secure the school building and safely shelter all students, staff, and visitors in the building. During this drill all doors to classrooms and offices are locked, all lights are turned off, and everyone is out of sight. During a lockdown drill all the perimeter doors to the school building will be locked and remain locked until the danger or issue outside or inside the building is removed. To ensure the safety of everyone, no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building until DPS authorizes a release.

A lockout takes place when there is a safety concern that is not an immediate threat to a school. For example, during a police pursuit of a vehicle in the school neighborhood, DPS Department of Safety may determine that the school should enact a lockout as a precautionary measure. During the lockout, students and staff will remain inside the school building, and school activities will continue as normal with students and staff moving securely within the building. During a lockout, no one can enter or leave the building. Students and staff are will most likely not notice a difference unless the lockout occurs near or during a transition time.

Please see the attached information from the DPS website to learn more about the safety drills. DPS Emergency Resources Page