PTO Board Members


PTO Board of Directors

President - Amanda Breult.jpg

Amanda Breult, President
Amanda is a stay-at-home mom who's professional background is in social work, working with non-profits, and most recently in human resources/accounting in the financial services industry.

President - Sarah Hines.JPG

Sarah Hines, President
Sarah has three girls in the Mandarin program and is currently a stay-at-home-attorney with expertise in business law and toy negotiations. This year, she is grateful to be able to work hand in hand with DLS staff and families to maintain and grow this vibrant community.

President Elect - Maria Casaverde-Marin.jpg

Maria Casaverde-Marin, President Elect
Maria has a daughter in 2nd Grade Spanish. She currently works as a Quality Improvement Facilitator for Denver Health. Since emigrating from Peru, she has dedicated her career in improving systems to eliminate healthcare disparities among underprivileged communities. When not working, she loves traveling, camping, hiking and being a dance mom.

President Elect - Babette Hudson-Tsao.jpg

Babette Hudson-Tsao, President Elect
Babette is a mother of twins in 3rd grade Mandarin. She is looking forward to helping support DLS children, teachers, parents and staff.

Treasurer - Angel Muse.jpg

Angel Muse, Treasurer
Angel has a daughter in 5th grade Mandarin program. She plans to use her experience and skills in accounting and IT to close the financial gap between the funds we receive from the state and the cost of operating the school.

Secretary - Molly Ferensic.jpg

Molly Ferensic, Secretary
Molly is the 2018/2019 Secretary for the PTO. She has a child in 5th grade Spanish and a future dolphin.

Spainsh Support - Tara Schenk-McFarland.jpg

Tara Schenk-McFarland, Spanish Liaison
Tara has two sons, the oldest is in 2nd grade Spanish and the youngest is a future dolphin. She works as a program manager in the dam safety program at the Bureau of Reclamation and in her spare time likes to fit in cycling, skiing, gym’ing and reading.

Spainsh Support - Jen Noonan.jpg

Jen Noonan, Spanish Liaison
Jen has a child in 2nd grade Spanish and a future dolphin. She loves to travel, scrapbook, read, and has greatly enjoyed getting to know the DLS staff and caregivers!



Carrie Nelson, Mandarin Liaison


(info and picture to come)

Mandarin Liaison - Katey Harmon.jpg

Katey Harmon, Mandarin Liaison
Katey has a daughter in 2nd grade Mandarin. She is one of the two Mandarin Liaisons for this year. She is an RN in the ICU at Denver Health, and loves that she have time to participate and volunteer with her daughter's school.

Volunteer Coordinator - Kate Kelley.jpg

Kate Kelley, Volunteer Coordinator
Kate has been a member of the DLS PTO Executive Board for two years. Prior to this, she was a DLS room parent for two years. Kate is a longtime resident of Colorado, and has lived in Denver for over 15 years. She is married to Claud Cloete, who is from South Africa, and they have two kids, A son in 3rd grade Mandarin and a future dolphin.


Mercedes Blea-Davis, Volunteer Coordinator


(Info and picture to come)

Communications Newsletter - Erin Reynolds.jpg

Erin Reynolds, Communications, Newsletter 

Erin has a daughter in 1st grade Spanish. Erin is a fiscal analyst at the state legislature, and a lover of travel. She is excited to hear from you as she compiles the PTO content for the newsletter and looks forward to seeing you at this year’s restaurant nights.

Communications Facebook.Website - Kellie Dotson.jpg

Kellie Dotson, Communications, Website/Facebook

Kellie has a son in 3rd grade Mandarin this year.  She currently works as a leasing consultant. In her free time enjoys a wide verity of things from historical fiction to online gaming and of course spending time with her family.


Lucy Quintero, School Support, Whiteman


(Info and picture to come)


Kam Ragland, School Support, Whiteman


(Info and picture to come)


TBD, School Support, Gilpin


TBD, School Support, Gilpin


Rene Haynes, Fundraising


(Info and picture to come)


Rebekah Lauck, Sustainability

(Info and picture to come)


TBD, Sustainability

Member at Large - Ali Valverde.jpg

Ali Valverde, At-Large Member
Ali has two sons at DLS, the oldest is in 3rd grade Spanish and the youngest is in Kindergarten Spanish. She, her husband and kids have lived in Denver for two years and enjoy exploring breweries, hiking & travel.