Mandarin Curriculum 5-8


Language Arts:

Besides the regular Chinese books 《Xiao Xue Hua Wen》, the teacher assigns analysis books to students, including poetry and selected chapters from classic novels.

Regular Chinese books 《Xiao Xue Hua Wen》

Enriched Chinese books:

Ba Jin’s Novels such as  家, 春, 秋 “Home”   “Spring”   “Autumn”   

Ba Jin巴金: 《木匠老陈》  《海上的日出》

Lu Xun鲁迅: 《一件小事》(One Little Thing) 

 《从白草园到三味书屋》(From Herb Garden to Sanwei Study)


Lao She老舍: 《济南的冬天》(The Winter in Jinan)


Zhu Zi Qing朱自清:《春》(Spring) 《背影》(The Back) 《匆匆》(Hurry)

Xu Di Shan许地山:《落花生》(The Peanut)

Rou Shi柔石:    《为奴隶的母亲》(The Slavery Mother)

Reading/Guided Reading Books: <<小学华文补充读物>>