East & West Campus Information

DLS West Campus (K-2)

200 S. University Blvd. Denver, CO 80209 | Main Office 303-777-0544



Our Kindergarten through second grade classes are located at the Denver Language School West Campus. This move has allowed DLS to expand to four kindergarten classes (two for Mandarin and two for Spanish) as well as four first grade classes. With a total of twelve classes at DLS West, we maintain our collaborative teaching environment, offer more seats to new students and families, and continue to offer the high-quality immersion programming that DLS is known for. 



DLS West is located on the premises of Citypoint Church (formerly Calvary Temple), just southwest of Cherry Creek Mall.



The Calvary Temple building was built in 1957, and has undergone considerable remodeling and updating to host DLS West, including renovated bathrooms, kitchen facilities, new windows, carpet, and our beautiful new playground and field. The coming months will see a new HVAC system and a brand new elevator. Over a million dollars is being spent on renovations and updates.

DLS West enjoys access to 14 classrooms, nine office and storage spaces, a large flex space to be used as the cafeteria and gym, a small auditorium, and beautiful main auditorium featuring state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and over 1,000 person capacity (see photos at bottom of this page).

The facility has met multiple DPS and Denver Fire inspections for safety. During school hours, doors are locked, and visitors may enter the building only at staffed secured entrance points.



We are in the final stages of preparing our transportation plan for the 2016-17 school year, and will update this page and the Transportation Page as soon as it is available. 

To come up with the transportation plan, DLS assembled a stellar transportation committee comprised of parents, staff, and board members who worked feverishly in conjunction with DPS Transportation Services to create an optimal plan. 

The goals of the transportation committee were:

  • To provide a way for parents who have children at the two campuses to pick up and drop off at a single location

  • Provide bus stops at accessible locations for current and new parents to support the school’s strategic goals regarding diversity and retention

  • Balance convenience, service, and cost


Drop Off & Pick Up:

Please visit our Transportation page for detailed information about Drop Off and Pick Up at DLS West.


After School Care:

Kaleidoscope Corner provides the same high-quality after school care at DLS West that has always been offered at DLS East.  Click here for more information on Kaleidoscope Corner.



As Principal of our entire school, Kathy Benzel splits her time proportionally between both campuses, as does her Administrative Team, ensuring the right amount of support at each campus on a daily basis. 



DLS is committed to providing a premier immersion experience for students at both the DLS East and West campuses. Our new DLS West campus will provide the same high-quality education already offered at the East campus, including the same materials and educational approaches, so that our students will continue to excel. In addition, DLS West will provide our new K-2 students with an almost 100% target language environment. As English isn’t introduced at DLS until 3rd grade, our student community at DLS West will benefit from the linguistic isolation.

Our two-campus model affords us more physical space, so we are able to offer more differentiated education. We offer specials, we use the same materials and educational approaches, and our students continue to excel.  All efforts focus on maximizing language learning in all modes: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.  Expanding to two campuses gives us the space to add more instructional activities on both campuses.

The board, administration, and faculty have spent a great deal of time developing curriculum plans for the 2015-16 academic year to ensure that students at both campuses are supported equally, and that the teachers have the resources necessary to excel. Five administrators, each an expert instructional coach, will support teachers at both campuses. Faculty members will also take advantage of a Unit Planner and team lesson planning based on Colorado standards.