Denver Language School is a K-8 public school within the Denver School District. However, because we are a full language immersion educational model and a charter school, we incur costs not associated with a traditional neighborhood school. These costs include, but are not limited to, visas for our teachers, providing two teachers per classroom in K-4, our unique curriculum, and facility expenses. There is approximately a $700 gap per year of what we receive from the district in Per Pupil Funding and what it costs to put a student through the Denver Language School.

Your donation allows us to provide our students with top-notch instruction, highly effective curriculum, and meaningful experiences outside the classroom.  It helps support our teachers with visa coordination, weekly professional development, and opportunities to present and train outside of DLS.  In addition, our student's individual interests and passions are important to us. To this end, we provide ample enrichment opportunities for them; technology, arts, and global studies are just a few of the electives students can choose from.  

Our students leave Denver Language School with high academic achievement, profound critical thinking skills, demonstrated compassion & empathy, and excellent problem-solving abilities. They are truly the thought-leaders of the future. 

With your help, we can continue to provide our students with this exceptional educational experience that engages and excites them in their learning for today, and their leading for tomorrow.

Help develop tomorrow’s global leaders and have a profound impact on the education of Denver’s kids. Contact Director of Development Camilla Modesitt at today to get involved.

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