Before & After School

Before & After School

Before School

Breakfast is free for all students beginning at 7:30am at both campuses; no registration necessary.  All students riding the buses will be sent directly to breakfast upon arrival. 

After School

Fun Clubs

  • DLS Fun Clubs are available at both DLS Campuses.

  • Times are not final. There is a possibility that run time will increase to allow buses to arrive from Gilpin close to the time Fun Clubs end. If this happens, costs will go up.

  • We will release information about after school activities and clubs at Gilpin when it is available.  We are currently talking with several groups about this.

Discovery Link at Whiteman

  • Discovery Link will continue to be held at the Whiteman building for students under age 12.

  • Gilpin students (Ages 12 and under) in need of Discovery Link services will need to be bused to the Whiteman building after school.

Middle School Sports

  • There will continue to be a Middle School Sports program; practices will be held at the Gilpin campus. Schedules can be found here for Volleyball,  here for Flag Football and here for Cross-Country Running. For parent forms and additional information, please email Rob Angelone at 

Girls on the Run- click here for more information for the Fall GOTR Session at DLS at Gilpin.

Off-Campus After School Options for Gilpin Students

Gilpin is walking distance to a variety of educational opportunities and after school programs.  The following list is just a sampling of what’s nearby and includes approximate distances and walking travel times from Gilpin:

map and streets 2.PNG

The Ford-Warren Library is located at 2825 N. High St, 9 blocks (.7 mile) from Gilpin. It’s open until 6:00pm  M,W,F and 8:00pm T, Th. More information:

The Glenarm Recreation Center offers a variety of programs through My Denver Card as well as youth sports.  The My Denver Card program offers 2 activities daily, starting at 3:00 and ending at 5:30. A sampling of activities offered include: tai chi, sound wave experiments, homemade maracas, dancing, obstacle course, and many more.  Glenarm also offers free snacks for kids from 5:00-8:00 pm, Monday-Friday.  Their youth sports typically begin in the evenings.  Sample schedule:

The YMCA Community Programs Branch offers fitness and wellness programs to the community.  Their services are free and open to all.  For more info, go to

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio, 119 Park Ave W is .9 mi (19 min walk) from Gilpin and has classes starting around 4:30.  More information:

The Vickers Boys & Girls Club (bus riders- all grades- may arrive from Whiteman or Gilpin campuses) is located just 1-2 blocks from bus stops on the RTD bus routes 34 and 43, both of which service the 30th & Downing station; #43 also has stops directly adjacent to Gilpin.  The Boys & Girls Club is open from 3:00-9:00 PM. It is also a direct after school destination for DLS students riding the school bus.  The Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of programs, including homework help, tech lab, art room, and team sports.  Please check directly with the Boys and Girls club as enrollment is limited.

Directly adjacent to the Vickers Boys & Girls Club is the Pauline Robinson Library and Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center, both of which have programming for kids.